1. teendotcom:

    The World’s Biggest ‘Mean Girl’ Fan Has Been Found!

    We can’t even. This guy is ridiculous. Must see.

    Josefine and Therese


  2. The beach
    Starbucks with my chicas.
    Josefine and Therese.

    We took a busride to Newport Rhode Island. We had all day there.

    First Therese, Josefine and I was in Starbucks and chilled. After that we walk a looooong way to the beach. When we got there, Therese wanted to take a photo with her mobilephone. She finds out that she forgot her mobilephone in Starbucks. So we had to walk the looong way back again. 

    We found a place to lay down and sunbath. We just laughed and had fun.


  3. Fjoller in Boston
    Hard Rock Café
    Quincy Market with Josefine
    Having fun by the Aquarium with Therese

    On the 28th july we took a bus to Boston. The bus ride was loong, but worth it. We had 7 hours in Boston and we could do what we want to. So Josefine, Therese and I went to Harvard University. One of the hardest colleges in USA. After that we shopped on Newbury Street. I brought something… in Victoria’s Secret. We ate at The Hard Rock Café. It was my first time eating there. After we ate, we just walk to the Ocean and Quincy Market and had fun + did some trouble. 


  4. Kasper, Philip and Line
    Me, Philip and Kasper
    Therese and Josefine.
    Josefine, Therese, Me, Line and Lærke


    First day of camp, we had a karaoke party. All the danish campers sang “I’m a Barbie girl”, because you know, Aqua is from Denmark. We had so much fun.

    And the korean campers actually sang “Gangnam Style”, and they KNEW THE LYRICS! You don’t see that every day. :-)

    I am not homesick. I am campsick. 

    Love from here. 

  5. Line, Line, Josefine, Therese and me
    The flight
    Ida and Søren, Flightbuddies!
    Copenhagen, Kastrup Airport

    I am landed in The United States of America. 

    My journey started in Bryant University. In the flight, I sat next to Ida and Søren. We had such an funny time in the flight. It was like we had our own EF Party. Crazy. We had to middle land in Iceland, but it was worth the trip. 

    We landed in Boston at 11 at night. When we came to the Camp the danish campers and me got a welcome from all the other exchange students from Germany, Switzerland Sweden, Norway, Austria, Taiwan, Japan, Spain and Italy. 

    We had a blast. 


  6. sampepper:

    Feeling so much better after starting to work out with @ajjamasbi + @xxsp_od http://instagram.com/p/ao1gdSn69I/

    OMG. Sam Pepper. Dejlig boy……….. 

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  7. In 26 hours I will be on a plane to USA. The big nation with those wonderful cities and bright lights. 

    I am going to stand there all alone. With no mother and no father. Just me. In a country full of wired people. I am going to leave my family and friends behind me and explore USA on my own. Ever since I was little I have heard that USA was the place where dreams came true. I hope so too. 

    Because I do not have dream. Well, my dream is just to be happy. I do not have any dream job or a dream husband. nothing. I will die with happiness by my side. 

  8. Hello guys!

    It has been a long time since I last posted something. 

    So I wanna tell you some good news! I am going to USA the day after tomorrow, as an exchange student. I will live with a host family in LAS FUCKING VEGAS!!! Can you believe it! Omg. My dream became trueeeee! But first I am going to a camp in Rhode Island. 

    See ya, anybody out there? 

  9. Agreed

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  10. Ohhh wowwww. So fucking deep.


  11. Math……

    Mathmatic with Hahn. Ma girl friend,…..

    Its boring…

  12. Just bought Them big bang theory. I bought season 1 and 2. I need Them læst season. One of my favorite series. Oh, and i gør a new Drake and a new phone. I love vacation. :D

  13. I got a new pair of converse! Yay. I’m really happy now! Thanks mom.<3

  14. I was like bored. So, I painted on my desk. Haha. It was soooo fun. It says “I don’t regret one moment of my life. <3”

    I just watched Romeo + Julie. This movie is on my Top 6 Favorite Movies. Which are Moulin Rouge, Marie Antoinette, Grease, Letters to Juliet, Breakfast at Tiffanys andddd Romeo + Julie. Ahhhh„, I just loooooveee Romantic movies. Everytime I get another romantic movie, I say to one of my best friend “Hey! Let’s watch a movie!” And she always ends up crying. HAHAHAHA! :D

  15. I was in the city today and bought these two lip glosses in MATAS! :D

    They are both from Maybelline New York. The pink one is 160 Treat Me Sweet, it taste like bubble gum. The red one is 350 Berry Bella, it taste like cherry. I just love them! There was many different other taste, like mint, mango, grape and watermelon! hehehe. I wanna buy moreeeee!